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Usha Gowri usha.gowri at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 14:48:02 EDT 2007

Hi Manu
I am writing in from Bangalore and this is in continuation of the mail from
Dr Uma Gupta in the US.(Please find her mail for your reference in the

It has been a very exciting  journey in seeing this concept become a reality
and I was wondering how I could play a role in the spread of this
project.What might be the first step?
Manu,I work with a multi-national company for its rural market and therefore
travel into the villages of North Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.I work with the
women through self help groups and therefore have access to parents and also
to the schools in these areas.
I have taught in the rural schools at the start of my career and therefore
am fully aware of the issues plaguing education especially in the rural
I can therefore also play a major role in the curriculum and translation
The  four southern states are where  I have contacts  and where I can help
in easy spread of this project.
I look forward to your response
Warm regards
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