[Http-crcsync] Is the crcsync effort still alive?

Alex Wulms alex.wulms at scarlet.be
Sun Nov 20 15:15:56 EST 2011

I have started the work to use the www.netrino.com CRC code. I have 
downloaded the code, extended it with CRC-64-ISO support, optimized it 
and tested it. Next step is to update the rolling-crc function to use 
it. Will probably do that by next weekend. I now finally understand how 
CRC actually works :-)


PS: The www.netrino.com code is based on the CRC papers by Ross N. 
Willams (http://www.ross.net/crc/download/crc_v3.txt)

Op 27-10-11 03:36, Rusty Russell schreef:
> On Wed, 26 Oct 2011 19:44:13 +0200, Alex Wulms<alex.wulms at scarlet.be>  wrote:
>> Project is indeed a little bit asleep.
>> The Apache server and client modules are stable and usable. Though, the
>> CRC-codec sub-module needs to be rewritten due to licensing reasons; the
>> current implementation is GPL but we would like to have one that is LGPL
>> or another license that allows inclusion of the entire stack into
>> non-opensource software, in order to get widespread adoption. It's on my
>> to-do list to rewrite the CRC-codec. But this re-write will *not* change
>> the protocol. It's purely a technical rewrite for licensing reason like
>> said above.
> Google pointed me here:
> http://www.netrino.com/Embedded-Systems/How-To/CRC-Calculation-C-Code
> Cheers,
> Rusty.

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