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Efforts to tackle the silent emergency of acute and chronic
malnutrition in Africa receive additional momentum this week as the
African Union and partners join forces in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to
celebrate the Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security 2012. The
day, held on October 31 this year is themed Ensuring Access to Safe
and Nutritious Food.

Inadequate nutrition hinders child development; it can lead to
micronutrient deficiencies and stunting, which impact on education,
particularly affecting children's cognitive and learning abilities.
The day calls upon governments, civil society, donors and other
partners to prioritize food and nutrition security in development
planning and financing.

The Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security was adopted by the 15th
African Union Summit in Kampala in 2010, to ensure that nutrition is
realised for its key role in Africa’s social and economic development.

Read more on the day as The United Nations and the African Union join
forces against acute malnutrition.

For Nutrition Resources

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And read about how homegrownschoolfeeding improves child nutrition

Some Key Documents

·         Can Multi-micronutrient Food Fortification Improve the
Micronutrient Status, Growth, Health, and Cognition of Schoolchildren?

·         The Nutritional Status of School Aged Children – Why Should We Care?

·         Global Mapping of Initiatives in School Health and
Nutrition, with Emphasis on Health Education

·         Rethinking School Feeding Social Safety Nets, Child
Development, and the Education Sector

·         Meeting Nutritional Needs Through School Feeding: A Snapshot
of Four African Nations

·         The Costs and Cost-efficiency of Providing Food Through
Schools in Areas of High Food Insecurity

If there are any other key documents missing from the site or other
news which adds value to the topic, please do submit and share these
with the schoolhealth Mailing List.

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