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Possibly of interest to this list.  SJ

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Hi everyone,

I just posted a short series of vignettes called Modern

They draw some comparisons between software and medicine — in their dual
capacities to heal and to hurt. They explore the nature of addictive
technologies in relation to business, the power that software designers are
presently wielding over the masses, and a new way of imagining companies:
as medicine men for the species. I hope these vignettes will help to
inspire the engineering community to adopt a common set of ethical
principles to guide the evolution of software (which, in turn, will help to
guide the evolution of our species).

They're published in a new online journal called The Farmer & Farmer
which I started with my friend, Sep Kamvar. Over the coming months and
years, we'll use that space to publish vivid and provocative essays from
leading practitioners in technology and the arts, exploring the
relationship between humans and technology.

Food for thought!


Jonathan Harris

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