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Today, World AIDS Day is celebrated globally for the 25th time. It was
the first global health day and continues to hold great relevance for
HIV/AIDS prevention.  It is an opportunity to spread awareness about
the status of the pandemic and encourage progress in HIV/AIDS
prevention, treatment and care in high prevalence countries and around
the world.

In recent years, the education sector has come to play an increasingly
important role in preventing HIV. Children of school-age have the
lowest HIV infection rates of any population sector. Even in the worst
affected countries, the vast majority of schoolchildren are not
infected. For these children, there is a window of hope, a chance to
live a life free from AIDS, if they can acquire knowledge, skills, and
values that will help protect them as they grow up.

The Education Sector also plays an important ‘internal’ role in
providing access to care, treatment and support for teachers and
staff, a group that in many countries represents more than 60% of the
public sector workforce.

Read more about providing a social vaccine through HIV Education

HIV and Education Related Resources


·         Window of Hope - an award-winning documentary, following
three teachers as they impart their knowledge of HIV to students and
equip them with the life skills required to avoid infection.

·         Courage and Hope - shares the remarkable story of teachers
living positively with HIV from across sub-Saharan Africa.


·         Accelerating the Education Sector Response to HIV

·         Sourcebook of HIV/AIDS Prevention Programmes

·         Economic Impact of HIV and Antiretroviral Therapy on
Education Supply in High Prevalence Regions

·         Estimating the impact of HIV&AIDS on the supply of basic education

·         Good Policy and Practice in HIV & AIDS and Education

·         Keeping Adolescent Orphans in School to Prevent Human
Immunodeficiency Virus Infection: Evidence From a Randomized
Controlled Trial in Kenya

Access MORE documents via the HIV Document Downloads of the Schools &
Health site.

Access information on country specific HIV programmes via the HIV
Country Programmes page.

If there are other useful resources on HIV Education not currently on
the site and you feel they should be, please share with school health
practitioners & interest groups by posting to
schoolhealth at imperial.ac.uk.

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