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Sat Jun 25 07:51:28 EDT 2011

In this version:

1) The two interactive games were removed due to=C2=A0performance=C2=A0and
maintainability reasons and based on feedback we were getting.

2) The narrative has been translated into Swahili, Spanish, French and
there is audio narration available for Spanish, English and French.

3) The project is now hosted on SourceForge

4) All image content is available CC-NC-SA 3.0 and code under GPL 3

So please send any feature requests and bugs there.

Please help us...

1) Translate the game =C2=A0into other languages. At the moment (gulp)
we've not moved the narration of the story to pootle and it is read
from plain text files. (Although all menu items are Pootle friendly)

2) Please help find bugs.


3) Help us implement the wishlist

4) Help us compress the sound and images even more.

Please send any feedback to olpc *at* . The
email we've sent this from is checked less often due to the high
volume of this list. Please be gentle as we work on this stuff in our
spare time.

The PDF version of this comic is also available to download free for
schools, libraries etc.

Thanks for listening :)

p.s. can anyone tell us how to close and activity from
without using sys.exit(0) ?

World Class Project

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