[Health] Fwd: Free From Malaria fix 4.1

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 23:53:09 EST 2011

I thought the health list might want to contribute some testing.


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Hi All

Whilst we figure out how to install various builds of XO and sugar for
testing please can anyone help us test FreeFromMalaria? We know it's
the holiday season and it's a bit busy and/or quiet but this is really
the main time we all come together to develop so can work on bugs now.

This project has been two years in (sandbox) making now and we need to
decide what to do with it.

The latest build is avail from:




any sanity checks would be useful. If there are no more issues we
would like to finally get out of sandbox/experimental. Please email
bugs to develop at worldclassproject.org.uk

Thanks so much

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