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Etienne Saliez etienne at saliez.be
Mon Apr 18 13:09:00 EDT 2011

Who should I contact ?

Beside the pure health education objectives of the OLPC-Health, I am
interested in using the OLPC plaform also as a kind of healthcare

This question is coming from a working group of the International
Society for Telemedicine,
we need workstations:
- Providing a standard web browser capacity,
- Extended WIFI range and relays,
- to be connected to hospital servers in preparation in our group.
- Low power consumption as critical in rural Africa regions.
- Affordable as personal workstation for nurses and doctors needing to
share patient information about problems of patients.
In many small health centers only a nurse is available and he or she may
need to submit questions to the hospital, in order to solve problems
without having to move the patient to the hospital, when possible.

Etienne Saliez, M.D.

tel +32-26541759

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