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Stefanie Nobel stefanie.nobel at googlemail.com
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I’m glad to present you a new project from OLPC France. For the next six
months we will develop a new playful software, which aims at educating
children about a healthier nutrition.
In this game children are taking care of an avatar by providing him with
meals, which they have to prepare before. By doing so the children are meant
to learn the importance of good nutrition for their healthy.
The game will be supported by Danone Research. They will not only finance
the project but also share their great knowledge on this topic with us.

We’re just at the begining of the development but here is a short
description of our first ideas:
The game will be split in two parts:

   - In one part the children can create their own recipes in a virtual
   environment, similar to a “cook studio”. There is also the possibility to
   share these recipes with other children.
   - The other part is for validation: Here the meal will be “validated” by
   the avatar, (for example, a reaction might be, that the avatar can’t do
   homework because he has not sufficient energy).

So at first we will have to define the relevant parameters, which you have
to consider when you validate a healthy meal, for example:

   - The need of the different nutritional values,
   - The nutritional value of the aliment
   - In natural and organic state and
   - after the preparation of the meal
   - The activities, the avatar/child do/did during the day
   - The season and the weather
   - The times of the meals during the day(this has an impact on the gain of
   the food)
   - The health of the avatar/child
   - The extent of hygienic conditions when preparing the food

The next step will be to collect all those information and integrate it into
a rough logic.

So don’t hesitate to comment about this project and share your thoughts.

We appreciate all kinds of input!

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