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Dear all health curriculum providers,
  I downloaded a couple of these straight-talk newsletter style reports.  They are very well done, full of color and great illustrations, photos,  the information is presented clearly, no judgement, acceptable in a broad range of student contexts.  a great addition to the more informational material.  Some issues may be culturally specific, but the frank presentation of information was great.

Sandra Thaxter
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  What a great idea.  I wonder if we can get groups in Nepal and Australia to try this out.


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    Who can please help Nick (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Ndoiron) shape his very thoughtful proposal!

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OLPC Health has great potential for expanding the OLPC curriculum.  The
Kasiisi Project in Uganda is interested in getting health content on their
laptops.  We have a potential partner, StraightTalk -
http://www.straight-talk.or.ug/ - which has children's health information
in PDF format.  Hopefully this can be translated for Haiti and other

In the HealthMap conference call, we also talked about collecting reports
and diagnosing health problems.  eToys and Scratch are great ways for
students to discuss what they're learning, but we would need forms, mesh
networking, and a database for teachers to collect students' reports. 
Those are best accomplished with a separate activity.

Fortunately, I have a BookReport activity which already uses these
methods.  I'd like to make this into a HealthReport activity!  The best
way for this to move forward would be to have a clear picture of who the
first users will be, and what information they want to collect.  I've put
a few ideas and details on the wiki at


Nick Doiron

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