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I have company coming for dinner tomorrow evening, but if we do it early enough... say 1:00PM or 1:30PM MDT. it would work out. Maybe even earlier.  I will be putting a clear finish on a door tomorrow morning and can't start too early because it isn't warm enough.

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I am free tomorrow afternoon and next week as well.

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I am free tomorrow afternoon and next week.


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Hi everyone, 

Looks like we've got some new faces to complete our team. And more great news-- we only need two more sanitation topics and one more water topic before we've completed our unit outline! Let's Skype to divvy up lessons and get cracking.

I'm free anytime today, tomorrow or next week, including Monday, up until about 5pm EDT each day. Sat/Sun are not good for me, however.

In the meantime, let's finish fleshing our lessons out and if you have any particular ideas as to how to present something, add it to the outline. If we can have a pretty good outline by the time we Skype that would be great!



Intro: What is sanitation and why is it important?

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How to wash your hands
How to make soap

What to do if you get diarrhea

Proper disposal of human waste

How to make a safe latrine
Rehydration... how to
Links between water and sanitation


Intro to water: different types of water, saltwater vs freshwater, potable vs unpotable water

Is "dirty" water always bad and "clean" water always good?

What's in the water that you can and can't see that can hurt you

How can you purify water?

How to make a solar still

Other ways to get safe water without burning up the rainforest to do it
Water and the environment- what human activity does to water resources and why
The water cycle
Water distribution methods

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