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I am free tomorrow afternoon and next week as well.


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I am free tomorrow afternoon and next week.


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Hi everyone, 
>Looks like we've got some new faces to complete our team. And more great news-- 
>we only need two more sanitation topics and one more water topic before we've 
>completed our unit outline! Let's Skype to divvy up lessons and get cracking.
>I'm free anytime today, tomorrow or next week, including Monday, up until about 
>5pm EDT each day. Sat/Sun are not good for me, however.
>In the meantime, let's finish fleshing our lessons out and if you have any 
>particular ideas as to how to present something, add it to the outline. If we 
>can have a pretty good outline by the time we Skype that would be great!
>	1. Intro: What is sanitation and why is it important?
>	* Who, What, When, Where, Why and How to wash your hands
>	2. How to make soap
>	* What to do if you get diarrhea
>	* Proper disposal of human waste
>	* How to make a safe latrine
>	3. Rehydration... how to
>	4. Links between water and sanitation
>	1. Intro to water: different types of water, saltwater vs freshwater, potable 
>vs unpotable water
>	* Is "dirty" water always bad and "clean" water always good?
>	* What's in the water that you can and can't see that can hurt you
>	* How can you purify water?
>	* How to make a solar still
>	* Other ways to get safe water without burning up the rainforest to do it
>	2. Water and the environment- what human activity does to water resources and 
>	3. The water cycle
>	4. Water distribution methods
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