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So... register!  I did.  It is free and you don't even have to be from California! I haven't explored further about what you can do, but the statement of use (or whatever they call it) indicates it is a pretty normal creative commons license. Exploring further might give more info.

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Thanks Caryl, that looks a great (mainly) CC BY SA licensed set of material, I like the quality of the illustration however the FAQ says to check each image license but I couldn't see any way to do that and or find the author to attribute (at least as a guest, maybe registered users get more information).
I was just considering reworking some of the artwork so they could be used in quizzes (i.e. removing or making labels separate so they can be used as simple 'pin the correct labels on the diagram" type games).   
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California has a new K-12 open source digital textbook project.  They began with high school texts.  I did a search on their site for "anatomy" and this is what I came up with:

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Good chains on the OLPC Health list...


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For content you might try searching the NSDL (National Science Digital Library) and PBS Teachers Domain.  Anyone else have suggestions on where to find open content on anatomy?

If you find good stuff lets think together about the best way to adapt them to Sugar and your location. It will be an excellent case study.


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Hi Arjun!

I do remember you.How are you ? 

I don't know if there are any ongoing efforts on an Activity around human Anatomy, but you could start by making a wiki page in which you could generally outline your initial thoughts and ideas on the Activity - how it would like like, what content areas you hope to cover etc.

There is also an SugarLabs (sugarlabs.org) Activity Team being developed, so they would be able to give some guiding inputs too!

Hope the above information helps to get started. Let me know your thoughts.


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Long time no talk!
I dont know if you remember me but I am a student at IMSA and I'm interested in OLPC Health.  Currently I'm at the Boston Headquarters working on a deployment initiative to a local school (6th grade class).  Their curriculum requires a study of anatomy so I am very interested in contributing to an Anatomy educational activity.  Do you have any ideas or have you heard of anyone willing to continue work on the Anatomy activity?

Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon

Arjun Sarwal


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