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In a previous thread, discussion of smartphone and vision came up. This may
be of interest...

necro81 writes "Researchers at MIT's Media Lab have developed a smartphone
app that allows users to measure how poor their vision is (myopia,
hyperopia, and astigmatism) and receive a corrective prescription. The user
peers through a $2 optical adapter at the screen of a smartphone. The app
displays lighted bars, and prompts the user to adjust the display until the
bars line up. Repeating this with bars in different locations and
orientations allows the vision distortion to be determined to within about
0.4 diopters using a Nexus One. The iPhone 4, with its higher-resolution
display, should be able to improve that to 0.28 diopters. This could have
broad application in the developing world, where experienced opticians and
diagnostic equipment are hard to come by." Read more of this story at

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