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OpenMRS is once again proud to announce our participation in the 2009
Google Summer of Code!  This will be our third year of participation
in the program and the collective mentorship wisdom our community has
accumulated over the past couple of years should help make this our
best year yet!  Last year's students set a high standard.  Several of
the projects from last summer have made substantive contributions to
OpenMRS and, more importantly, several of last year's students are
still actively involved in OpenMRS development!  Additionally, we're
very excited to get feedback that this experience is enticing students
to consider careers in medical informatics with a global focus.

For those of you unfamiliar with Google Summer of Code:  in a
nutshell, Google sponsors open source projects like ours to expose
students all over the world to open source communities.  Hundreds of
these projects compete to join the program, accepted projects get the
opportunity to offer up short, mentored development assignments to
aspiring student software developers all over the world.  Students
that we accept get stipends sponsored by Google.  The benefits of this
are numerous:  better software, more experience in community growth,
and the "right" kind of exposure for OpenMRS to the next generation of
young minds that are changing the world.

Student applications for Google Summer of Code must be submitted by
3-April (http://tinyurl.com/gsoc2009-timeline).  Of special note,
OpenMRS is particularly interested in vetting applications from
students in developing countries.  If you know a bright young
developer or a technical institute with strong Java skills within a
developing country, please forward this announcement as soon as
possible, since the time for submitting applications is very short.

Questions?  Please email paul at openmrs.org.  Also check out
http://soc2009.openmrs.org for more info.

-The OpenMRS Community


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