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Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Wed Sep 3 13:55:07 EDT 2008

Chris Leonard wrote:

> I'd have to speculate that OLPC while probably has relatively little 
> leverage in this area (although being aware of the issue is important), 
> raising such a point in conversation with their vendors about the supply 
> chain would be not be out of line with their overall excellent position 
> on other elements of socially responsible and green manufacturing.  That 
> said, you have to understand that it is unlikely that unless vendors as 
> far as two and three layers removed upstream have taken strong and 
> public stances, it is unlikely that OLPC can even address this question 
> to your satisfaction.


Thanks.  We do have a few tant cap on our pcb but most are ceramic.

Your response is on the mark.  Quanta purchases based on market price. 
They have fleets of people doing negotiation with vendors.

Its essentially impossible for us to verify the source but its highly 
likely that the raw materials come from an Asian source because local 
sources for them are almost always the most cost effective.
Especially considering the shortage of 2000 where tants were almost 
impossible to get.  I expect that local sources in Asia were ramped up 
during that time.

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