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Tue Sep 2 11:33:36 EDT 2008

On 9/1/08, Etienne Saliez <etienne at saliez.be> wrote:
> Yes I am interested on medical software on OLPC.
> I am in contact with health centers an a nursing school in remotes area
> of Congo.
> Our first concern it getting internet access, a critical condition in
> order to be able to provide maintenance.
> The initial intended applications are simple versions of:
> - User authentication and sessions
> - Patient identification,
> - Problem list
> - Care plan, including the the followup of vaccinations.
> - Access to some medical knowledge, according to a very pragmatic
> contextual approach.
> - ...

These things and more are already implemented in OpenVistA, as well (I
believe) in OpenMRS.  OpenVistA currently works on the XO including
the database server.  While the language that OpenVistA uses for its
database is rather old now (MUMPS) the system is still being used in
medical and banking systems around the world.  I know, for instance,
that VistA is being used by the University of Washingtons Dental

I dont have a clear preference for either system, yet.

> I would like to do experimental developement on OLPC, intended to be
> connected in wireless to a local server.
> How far is Python available ?

Python is available on every OS and system architecture that you are
likely to be using.  Check out python.org for more information on it.

> BTW end 2007 I did pay for 2 OLPC machines, but up to now never received
> anything.

Response off list

> In the mean time I did get an ASUS-eeePC-900, and install "eeeUbuntu"
> which provide a real Ubuntu, with the most essential software, as I am
> using on other machines.
> It works on 12 Volts, and did cost here currently 335 Euros.

Good, the eee isnt a bad machine for trial development.  It too can
run python and I believe the OpenMRS system.


Seth Woodworth

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