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Did you wash your hands yet today?

It is simply stunning how many deaths in the developing world could be
prevented by getting the handwashing message out there.  Respiratory and
diarrheal illnesses are two of the three leading causes of death (in
children under 5 years old), handwashing has a substantial impact on
reducing both of these major causes of morbidity and mortality.

The Health pages on the wiki could use some love, there hasn't been a lot of
activity since earlier this year.

Is there anyone out there that is willing to do some work on (for instance
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Water_and_sanitation ) in honor of Global
Handwashing Day?

Compiling links to high quality information with suitable
copyright/licensing status, reaching out to various organizations to change
copyright public health materials to Creative Commons or other open
licensing, these are all things that begin to move the dial, however

OLPC's content development process is still somewhat opaque and difficult to
navigate, I'm glad that my notes on the development of a prototype Health
Portal seem to have stimulated some interest in the concept and in
particular in the steps that would be needed to create a suitably
localized/regionalized spin on it.  In the meantime, collecting links to
good information on the wiki is still a valuable exercise that can help put
some urgency behind pushing forward the content development and presentation
infrastructure and you never know who will take inspiration from something
you put up on the wiki.

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 Dear Colleagues,

The first-ever Global Handwashing Day is being held today - Wednesday
October 15th 2008. As 2008 is the UN International Year of Sanitation, the
Global Handwashing Day reinforces the call for improved hygiene practices.

For more information visit

On the Schools and Health site, information on water and sanitation can be
found on the following pages under the 'Water and Sanitation' topic heading:

Resource links:

Document downloads:

Country programmes:

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