[Health] An introduction - online health books.

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Have already done this...Hesperian is on-board. You might want to look for other groups.
We'll check where the communication got fouled up.


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  I just stumbled on this site...  which has free health texts online.. in both English and Spanish... ! ! ! 


I wonder if we could convince them to allow usage on the XO ?  Add the info to a Health Library package ?

Looks like they are in the need of help to translate some of their recent texts . . . too.  :)


On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 13:59, Gabriel Caro <gecaro at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello everybody,

My name is Gabriel and I am writing a short note to introduce myself. I am currently working at the Harvard Initiative for Global Health and recently started translating some OLPC content to Spanish. I am very interested in health content, having a long history in the medical publishing field. Please let me know if you need help in generating/identifying health content for the XO. I'm very willing to help.

Best wishes,
Gabriel Caro
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