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Hi all -- hopefully this email gets through to the list.

The event went very well -- it was great to see the students engage  
and design paper storyboards.

We had 4 interesting projects and one of them has even submitted an  
abstract for a poster presentation to the Information Technology and  
Communications in Health conference (http://itch.uvic.ca/)

I have posted on my blog about our methods:

The paper approach was quite accessible and allowed students to spend  
time thinking and interacting rather tweaking software.

Students focused on designing health education games, designing  
community health applications and on health applications for  
families.  There were components of telehealth and personal health  
records.  I was very impressed with the thoughtfulness of the high  
school students in their designs.

Dr. Weber and I have submitted a paper to the same conference. We are  
planning on a second cycle of this, but with University students who  
will actually take the ideas and start building prototypes.

All and all a great day


Morgan Price, MD, CCFP
morgan at virtuallypriceless.org
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On 19-Nov-2008, at 11:03 AM, Seth Woodworth wrote:

> Morgan,
> For some reason your email that was sent Oct 6th wasn't sent to the
> list until today!  Please tell us more about how your event went.  We
> are very interested.
> ---Seth
> On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 11:13 PM, Morgan Price
> <morgan at virtuallypriceless.org> wrote:
>> Hello list
>> This is my first post and I wanted to update you on a little project
>> that we have begun here at the University of Victoria in conjunction
>> with the University of British Columbia, Canada.
>> We are planning an "Engineering 4 Health" challenge where we are
>> asking BC high school students to come to the university for a 1/2  
>> day
>> design session to work on designing health applications for children
>> who would have access to the OLPC XO laptop.
>> It's a paper process - in the afternoon the BC students will work in
>> facilitated small groups to build out a "Storyboard" of their ideas  
>> on
>> a large ~4 foot x 8 foot sheet of paper.  We walk them through a
>> brainstorming and design process to get them excited about software
>> engineering and health.  We've created vector image outlines of the
>> OLPC screen for students to draw on during the mock up phase.
>> We did a dry run this week with 10 students and it was quite
>> successful and thought I would share our experience from that as we
>> are all quite happy with how it turned out.  The full run is in
>> November.
>> The students came up with interesting ideas with a clear focus on
>> community and communication with each other and providers.  One group
>> developed an idea for a game that taught skills like first aid and  
>> how
>> to maintain clean water supplies.  The other group took on Face Book,
>> with an idea for "Health Book" that would allow people to communicate
>> about health but also to view regional maps of various health  
>> services
>> so that children and families would be able to find out where and  
>> when
>> various health clinics were running.
>> We are going to run the full high school challenge on November 10th
>> and are planning on following that up with a 1 week long University
>> challenge where university students will be able to prototype designs
>> for the laptop electronically.  The best University prototypes would
>> go on to have support for a summer term of development of their idea.
>> The dry run was very exciting for the students, who enjoyed thinking
>> about how they could help other children through the XO laptop.
>> Morgan
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