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How did this project work out?


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> Hello list
> This is my first post and I wanted to update you on a little project
> that we have begun here at the University of Victoria in conjunction
> with the University of British Columbia, Canada.
> We are planning an "Engineering 4 Health" challenge where we are
> asking BC high school students to come to the university for a 1/2 day
> design session to work on designing health applications for children
> who would have access to the OLPC XO laptop.
> It's a paper process - in the afternoon the BC students will work in
> facilitated small groups to build out a "Storyboard" of their ideas on
> a large ~4 foot x 8 foot sheet of paper.  We walk them through a
> brainstorming and design process to get them excited about software
> engineering and health.  We've created vector image outlines of the
> OLPC screen for students to draw on during the mock up phase.
> We did a dry run this week with 10 students and it was quite
> successful and thought I would share our experience from that as we
> are all quite happy with how it turned out.  The full run is in
> November.
> The students came up with interesting ideas with a clear focus on
> community and communication with each other and providers.  One group
> developed an idea for a game that taught skills like first aid and how
> to maintain clean water supplies.  The other group took on Face Book,
> with an idea for "Health Book" that would allow people to communicate
> about health but also to view regional maps of various health services
> so that children and families would be able to find out where and when
> various health clinics were running.
> We are going to run the full high school challenge on November 10th
> and are planning on following that up with a 1 week long University
> challenge where university students will be able to prototype designs
> for the laptop electronically.  The best University prototypes would
> go on to have support for a summer term of development of their idea.
> The dry run was very exciting for the students, who enjoyed thinking
> about how they could help other children through the XO laptop.
> Morgan
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