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I'm new to the list, Niels Olson. I'm finishing my third year of medical
school at Tulane, in New Orleans. Prior to medical school I was a surface
officer in the US Navy and I'll be going back as a Navy doc, hopefully in a
surgery residency. I learned some LOGO, BASIC, and Pascal between about 10
and 18 years, but took a decade-long detour in the Navy. A shore duty and
the OLPC project resparked my interest and since receiving my G1G1 XO I've
started teaching myself python on the side (using this primer:

I have two kids myself and they've been field-testing the XO . . . I can
report 3 year-olds seem to have a universal interest in lifting the keys off
of keyboards, which is particularly ruinous for XOs with their membrane
keyboards (http://www.flickr.com/photos/niels_olson/2456913119/). I've also
been thinking about the $10 telehealth module. One simple finding was that
with a professional stethoscope head and a decent lapel-mic the XO's measure
activity didn't have good amplitude and range settings to display the
captured audio. http://nielsolson.us/Haversian/2007/12/stethophone.php

Coming from the military I'm definitely interested in VistA, and thus
WorldVistA. So my interest in the OLPC health project is broad-based, but my
skill-level is rather shallow still. Obviously my efforts thus far have been
pretty crude, but I hope to make more productive contributions over time.



Niels Olson
Tulane School of Medicine
Class of 2009
niels.olson at gmail.com
h/c: (410) 212-1281
alt: (443) 221-4648

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