[Health] FW: OLPC PowerPoint Presentation to give at UMass Medical School

Bartek, Matthew Matthew.Bartek at umassmed.edu
Thu May 8 12:31:29 EDT 2008

Thanks all. We are giving our presentation in about 30 min so we have
something prepared. We can post it on the site once we are done. Thanks
for your help. We may hold another event in the fall in which case, we
can touch base again.







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Matt (and others),

A somewhat disorganized site for presentations (and presentation
materials) can be found here: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Presentations -
help organizing it would be awfully appreciated, as would be the
creation of "general" presentation templates that others can use (so
far, many of the materials have been quite location-specific).

Bonus points for using an open format for your slides/materials. ;-) 


2008/5/3 Bartek, Matthew <Matthew.Bartek at umassmed.edu>:



I found your email address online. Could you help us out with slides and
promotional material? See below for details.







From: Bartek, Matthew 
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Subject: OLPC PowerPoint Presentation to give at UMass Medical School


Hello OLPC Team,


We corresponded back in December (see below) and we have now received
our XOs that we bought through the G1G1 program. We understand that you
are unable to spare staff present here at UMass and so we are going to
do the presentation ourselves. 


We are wondering if you have:


a)    A PowerPoint presentation on OLPC, what it is, what it does, etc.

b)    A poster with information about OLPC that we can post alongside
the XO's when we display them at our school

c)    Any other promotional/informational material that we could use for
this endeavor


Thank you for any help you can offer. If you would prefer to call, try
my cell: 617-794-0572.




Matt (and Abraham)



From: Tracy Price [mailto:tracy at laptop.org] 
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To: Bartek, Matthew
Cc: Jaffe, Abraham; information at laptop.org; press at racepointgroup.com;
service at laptopgiving.org
Subject: Re: Presentation at UMass Medical School


Dear Bartek, 

We regret we simply cannot spare personnel to demo the laptop, unless
you have heard otherwise from press at racepointgroup.com.  If so, please
continue your correspondence with them.   

Thank you very much for your interest in One Laptop per Child and your
very kind thoughts of fundraising!  We truly appreciate it.  Please
note, however, that we are entirely concentrated on launching the
laptop, and therefore, we have no personnel to monitor, assist or
collaborate in such endeavors.  Please understand we are an extremely
small team working on a huge global project.     

We certainly thank you for the idea and people (in the US and Canada)
are welcome to participate in the "Give One Get One" initiative, from
November 12-26th, 2007 by going by to www.laptopgiving.org   You are
free to do what you would like with the laptop you receive, the one that
is being donated by us cannot be designated.  It will go to one of the
poorest countries in the world according to UN statistics.  We cannot
say what country with certainty right now, we will be deciding at a
later time. 

You may also be interested in the Give Many program, where you can
designate the recipients of the laptops if you buy at least 100.  Please


email: givemany at laptop.org 
phone:  1-800-379-7017 

Alternately, check(s) for simple donations, NOT related to G1G1, can be
sent to: 

One Laptop per Child Foundation 
PO Box 425087 
Cambridge, MA  02142 

Or it is possible to give directly through the link here on our website,
NOT G1G1 related: 


If the idea you have proposed raises funds for us, we are very grateful,
we simply cannot "endorse", "make official" or loan our logo to any such
efforts.  Nor do we have any printed material we can send you, all
information we have is online. 

We do not know if the Give One Get One will be extended, keep your eyes
on the website. 

We sincerely thank you very much, 

OLPC Staff 

"Bartek,  Matthew" <Matthew.Bartek at umassmed.edu> 

11/15/2007 08:43 PM 


service at laptopgiving.org, press at racepointgroup.com,
information at laptop.org 


"Jaffe, Abraham" <Abraham.Jaffe at umassmed.edu> 


Presentation at UMass Medical School




Dear OLPC, 
I am a first year student at Umass Medical School and just recently
found out about the Give One, Get One Program. Along with a fellow
medical student, Abraham Jaffe, I am hoping to arrange for the Umass
community to support the donation of several laptops to developing
countries, display the XO laptops that arrive here in the medical school
lobby-a high traffic area that sees up to 1,000 people per day-and then
donate those computer which were on display to a local charity for it to
use for educational purposes. 
I am wondering if a staff member would be able to come to the medical
school (we are located in Worcester, MA about a 1 hour drive from
Boston) to give a presentation on the XO and on the OLPC mission as a
whole to drum up support for the donation program. Could we arrange for
such a presentation soon? In addition, in light of our efforts to raise
money, is there a way we could extend the deadline of November 26 for
the Give One, Get One program? 
I look forward to hearing from you. 
Matthew A. Bartek 
Matthew A. Bartek 
UMass Medical School 
Class of 2011 

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