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On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 11:37 AM, Tom Boonsiri <tom.boonsiri at gmail.com> wrote:
> Has anyone made contact with the following groups?
>  Partners in Health (PIH): Fight to bring healthcare equity worldwide
>  and mobilize awareness of health in prevalent and treatable health
>  issues.  PIH brings a type of community based care to struggling
>  populations worldwide mainly through healthcare provider/clinician
>  training for work in certain regional areas.  Focus centers exist in
>  South America, USA, Africa, Russia. NOTE: We should definitely find
>  substantial contact information from this group, especially health
>  clinicians well versed with problems we might face or need to address.

I have had previous contact with Paul Farmer, who expressed interest
in telemedicine. We can now talk to them about many more FOSS health
applications. When I e-mailed PIH headquarters to suggest a
partnership, I didn't get a response. This would be a good time to try
again through our wider network.

>  International Medical Corps (IMC): Nonprofit, global group dedicated
>  to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training
>  and relief and development programs. Its mission is to improve the
>  quality of life through health interventions and related activities
>  that build local capacity in underserved communities worldwide.
>  Includes thousands of trained medical staff.  Primary focus in
>  disaster relief it seems, but also sustaining improved health care and
>  way of life after such an event for the long term. NOTE: Key group to
>  contact may be Health Technical Unit (HTU).  They seem to be the group
>  that evaluates new ideas with respect to IMC's technical/medical
>  capability.  They may have strong medical/engineering staff.

Sounds good. I don't know them.

How about Médecins sans Frontières?
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