[Health] [OLPC-GSoC] first prototype of working EKG around the XO (was health project in GSoC 2008 )

Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero dirakx at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 17:43:20 EDT 2008

Hi all.

This is a really cool work, for what i see from youtube's video the circuit
is very simple, a voltage adapter and some opAmps for filtering and gaining
(Although seems that the signal needs some more work, because it is not
showing the exact EKG waveform)

i would love to see the circuit diagram  and also a PCB. i think Andrzej
could take the diagram and make for himself a prototype that  could help him
to overcome the hardware part and go straight for the software part, (that
is Gsoc mainly focus).


On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 4:16 PM, Josh Hehner <josh at paraelmundo.org> wrote:

> That's fantastic work guys.
> Please also keep in mind one of the end goals for integrating this into
> the larger 'health projects picture', namely teleconsultation with health
> professionals.
> We need to create a souped-up version of a teleconference (video-chat)
> activity for the XO that allows for the parallel transmission (for example
> in other pop-up windows) of additional information/communication: the
> display of this telemetry data from EKG's, the ability to pop-up text,
> graphics & images on the other screen, perhaps programming features that
> come from 'collaborative editing' type software, etc...
> It is so wonderful to see all this stuff moving forwards, and it is my
> great privilege to get to work with you all on this. I really wish I could
> come to the Seattle Health Jam, but alas have no money for travel.
> Take care all,
> Josh Hehner
> On 2008-Mar-25, at 16:23 , Arjun Sarwal wrote:
> Hi Tom
> This is a great video, thanks for posting it!
> Could you please post the link for the wiki page detailing the circuit
> details etc, There are many people who would like to try this out! (some
> cced here -- Ian, Mel.....)
> Also, itd be interesting to start thinking if you would like to build a
> customized UI for displaying information. Perhaps something derived off the
> basic Measure code ? I'd be glad to help you use the Measure code base and
> customize it according to your need. Feel free to post questions on or off
> list. (sugar might be a good list to cc on such discussions)
> Another idea that I'd like to mention would be to apply such information
> into the context of a game, i.e. control events/characters in a game on
> the XO based on such input, that can make the process of personal health
> monitoring fun ?
> The Health mailing list is a perfectly fine for posting such information.
> Also, there is a Health Jam coming up soon in April. You might like to
> connect with Mel, Seth.... to demo your prototype there if possible!
> kind regards
> Arjun
> On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 1:37 PM, Tom Boonsiri <tom.boonsiri at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi Andrzej,
> >
> > That's totally awesome that you want to take on a health project. I
> > might not think that GSoC is the best forum for a hardware focused effort,
> > but there is a great deal of DSP-related software projects you could develop
> > around the HW efforts that we currently have going. In particular, there are
> > already two ECG efforts so I'm not certain that another EKG monitor
> > prototype would be much value added. Ian is trying to work on a USB approach
> > while my team out here in Cali has been working on the MIC IN approach. I
> > haven't been able to participate in the teleconferences so I'm not sure
> > where the USB approach stands on progress. My team has already developed our
> > first prototype which operates with either a USB or 9V battery source. You
> > can see a demo video below:
> >
> > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1QKTKAAug4
> >
> > The amplifier circuit also doubles as an EMG. You can take an electrode
> > and place it on the forearm and flex to see the muscle activity reflected in
> > the waveform. Of course tuning will need to be done for EMG diagnostics but
> > it serves its educational purpose which brings me to my next point. I feel
> > that a handful of the Health participants have fixed their attention towards
> > designing to meet the needs of the clinician and have strayed far from the
> > original focus of this educational project. As an organization, we really
> > need to step out of this "toy and games" mindset and mature a project that
> > impacts the community outside of the classroom. The Health focus is truly
> > one of the primary ways to demonstrate the XO's true potential for the
> > entire community. That said we shouldn't dismiss children as agents of
> > change. There are still many ways we can structure a health project with the
> > kids at the focal point.
> >
> > Andrzej, I think a great project for you would be a respirometer. I can
> > talk to you in detail how I see this peripheral making a social impact.
> >
> > Others, if you are working on a health-related HW effort and have made
> > some tangible progress please send me a private message. I would love to
> > collaborate with you.
> > My intent for this email was not to flame the Health group but rather to
> > motivate others to re-direct their focus to help us gain some traction on an
> > effort that is slowly losing its credibility.
> >
> > Rafael wrote:
> >
> > Hi all,
> > >
> > > i've talked with Andrzej about his project and he tells me, that he
> > > can/could be able to build and EKG hardware prototype, but he would
> > > need  a
> > > mentor to do  and extension  to Measure  or  an specific activity  to
> > > interpret and capture the EKG  bio-signal.
> > >
> > > Anyone interested in be his mentor for Gsoc?
> > >
> > > P.S i'm cc'ing gsoc-olpc mailist
> >
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