[Health] Health conference call - March 16 1pm EDT

Adesina Iluyemi Adesina.Iluyemi at port.ac.uk
Mon Mar 17 11:03:12 EDT 2008

I used the details provided by Anna to me and could found out the line
was open but could not join because the host had not activated the
network.  I will like to request that future meetings should provide
time in GMT so that I will stopped getting confused. A problem of
globalization and communication?

>>> "Arjun Sarwal" <arjun at laptop.org> 17/03/2008 14:57 >>>
> Also the health at lists.laptop.org mailing list distribution can be
> delayed (I only received Anna's note at 09:45 17 March 2008, through
> so it probably isn't a sure communication means for urgent messages.

Anna isnt subscribed to that list. Somehow, I got the message for
approving the post just a few minutes back only...

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