[Health] EMR for Losho, Masailand, Kenya

Niels Olson niels.olson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 13:05:45 EDT 2008

I have a friend who is going to Kenya June 25th to August 10th, her goal is
to facilitate regular primary care visits, establish a usable, sustainable
system of medical records, to link the incountry medical schools with this
site. The villagers use cell phones (network unknown for now), power is
available, the generator may be solar. Lots we need to follow up on. Total
souls in the catchment area is guesstimated at 4000 to 7000. If we could
establish a medical record system in this area it could become a model for
other areas in Kenya or Africa.

The main group goal is in the schools, my friend is the only medical person.
I think the overlap potential is obvious.

SO: can we set her up with VistA? Can we set it up on XO laptops? Will she
have a client available? If not OLPC, then what about the new Dell E or the
Asus Eee?

Thoughts? Will follow up with the team's website and more particulars. D-Day
for this is in less than two weeks.

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