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raising crops to rising temperatures, how we use natural resources affects
our health and well-being. This highly illustrated guide will help health
promoters, development workers, educators, activists, and community
leaders take charge of their communities' environmental health.

A Community Guide to Environmental Health covers preventing and reducing
harm from toxic pollution, protecting community water and watersheds,
reducing harm from mining, oil, and energy production, farming
sustainability and building food security, disposing of solid waste and
health care waste, and restoring land, caring for forests, and planting
trees. In small villages and large cities, A Community Guide to
Environmental Health can provide tools, knowledge, and inspiration to
begin transforming the global crisis in environmental health.

"This timely guide is the Where There Is No Doctor of community water,
sanitation and environmental health. It makes water, health and hygiene
accessible to those who need it most. Focusing on the important
intersection of public health and risk reduction at the community level
FOR the community, this guide is literally a lifesaver."

- Miriam Aschkenasy, MD, Public Health Specialist, Oxfam America

A Community Guide to Environmental Health can be purchased in book form
for $28 plus shipping at our online store at, by
emailing bookorders at, or by calling 1-510-845-4507 or
toll-free 1-888-729-1796 (within the USA). Order five or more and get a
20% discount! This book is also available on CD for $18. The book and CD
together as a set is only $36, a savings of $10.

Also check out our other environmental materials, including Dam Nation:
Dispatches from the Water Underground, edited by Laura Allen and Cleo
Woelfle-Erskine; Building without Borders: Sustainable Construction for
the Global Village, edited by Joseph F. Kennedy; and the DVD The Story of
Stuff with Annie Leonard, all available on our website.

Thanks to all of you who continue to make Hesperian and our books a
growing success around the world!

Our postal address is
1919 Addison St., Suite 304
Berkeley, California 94704
United States

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materials that is based in Berkeley, CA ,USA.  outreach

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