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Excellent to meet you.  I'm glad to see that you're interested in our little

I have some experience with VistA as part of our state health
> information technology (HIT) work. I have VistA set up on several
> workstations using Intersystem's Cache with support from one of our
> former RHIO (Regional Health Information Organizations) Directors (and
> VistA expert) in South FL. They have it running in several underserved
> safety net clinics interoperable with their health information exchange
> (HIE). I have my Intro Mumps book but have not had time to read. :-)

Good.  Our VistA experts are mostly on the installation and programming
ends.  We need more people with experience in implementation.  There was a
lot of dialog this weekend about running sync'd databases and the horror
that is portability of data in VistA.  But from the sounds of it it seems
like they had a working plan.  I'm not familair with intersystem's cache,
but perhaps the WorldVistA people could give you a hand on this.

Note that US Indian Health Services has worked with VistA for a number
> of years with great success. They have a variety of VistA trainings in
> various parts of the US. If you are interested I can probably arrange a
> conference call for us. I also have a great PowerPoint providing a
> detailed review of their work including their lifecycle methodology. If
> anyone's interested please email me and I'll send it to you. If I can
> get permission, would you like to see it published as a resource on OLPC
> Health?

Absolutely.  We need more input.  More on conference calls later.

New OLPC XO exposure: This past week I returned from the International
> Pacific-Rim Conference on Disabilities hosted by the University of
> Hawaii. I made 3 presentations. There were participants from Pacific-Rim
> countries, Western and Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia. This was their
> first exposure to OLPC. Several had heard of the program but none had
> seen an XO in action. They were very impressed and representatives from
> several countries expressed interest in opening a dialogue. I have a
> mission to address inclusive education for children with disabilities in
> the OLPC program (I have 25+ years in the disability and health IT
> fields).

It sounds like a lot of healthcare orgs are interested in learning more
about the XO as a low cost interface to sensors, databases and other uses.
The UW's Department of Global Health has also expressed interest in holding
a larger conference towards professional healthcare instead of the tech side
like this past week's event.  Please, tell us more about your presentations
and the response.

> BTW. Did anyone attend the recent American Telemedicine Association
> (ATA) conference held in Seattle? While I could not negotiate travel
> support, I noted a number of presentations applicable to OLPC. Here are
> several links to documents you might find interesting. Both are definite
> reads.

Nope, I heard about it from several people at the UW these past two weeks,
but few of us are professional healthcare professionals.  We are mostly
coming at this from the tech-head volunteer, "This is what this machine can
do, who might have a use for it." angle.

> 1. Global Forum on Telemedicine: Connecting the World Through
> Partnership: International Roadmap for Action ~
> http://www.atmeda.org/conf/Mid-Year%202007/Global_Forum_FINAL03062008.pd
> f<http://www.atmeda.org/conf/Mid-Year%202007/Global_Forum_FINAL03062008.pdf>.
> 2. Core Standards for Telemedicine Operations (Draft) ~
> http://www.atmeda.org/ICOT/Standards/11-20-07%20Standards%20Framework%20
> final%20for%20public.pdf<http://www.atmeda.org/ICOT/Standards/11-20-07%20Standards%20Framework%20final%20for%20public.pdf>
> If you think it would be helpful, I'd be happy to contact ATA. I'm a
> HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Society) member. I have
> contact with their international coordinator and also participate in
> their Greater China SIG (now being recreated as a Pacific-Rim SIG). I
> will present a program on Hong Kong HIT developments in May at our HIMSS
> Florida Chapter meeting. I'll also take along my XO and have requested a
> slot for discussion. BTW, does anyone have access to an OLPC
> Introductory PowerPoint? I do not want to recreate the wheel. I found
> links to several from the WiKi and Google but did not think they were
> well developed. Anyone see a presentation in simplified Chinese? If not,
> I can have the English version translated.

In addition to Mel's resources you might want to try
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Resources there are some icons and a little bit of
graphic design for your use as well.  Let us know what you want and we would
be happy to draft some materials up for you.

> I apologize for the long message but I thought you might find some of
> this information helpful.

Absolutely,  I look forward to speaking with you again.  On that note: We've
had a few OLPC-Health teleconferences through OLPC's offices in Boston.
Post HealthJam it looks like it's time to have another meeting, explaining
our gameplan coming out of the event and trying to find people to plug the
holes in our structure.  There is a lot going on at OLPC in the next two
weeks.  But how does May 4th look for a conference call?

Mel, Yuan, Steve, Arjun, Drew?  How about the five of you?

Seth Woodworth
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