[Health] Seattle XO users at XO Health Jam ?

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Fri Apr 11 16:26:21 EDT 2008


   News from Seattle XO user group (they typically meet on 3rd Sunday of
month)....  encouraging members to attend Jam instead of meeting.. :-)

How would someone (Seth?Mel?)  like to 'officially' welcome them, and give
them details on how they can spread the word and participate . *grin*


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Wayne and I have decided that there won't be an official Seattle XO User
Group meeting this month, but instead we'll encourage folks to attend some
of the Sunday HealthJam and/or LinuxFest.  Toward that end, if you need
volunteers and would like us to post an email requesting such to our list,
let me know.  Also, if you have something official for the LinuxFest
(days/times/locations) please send that also.  We're going to do a mailing
to the lists with that and HealthJam info as well as putting a post up on
the website.


Chris & Wayne
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