[Health] generate clean tone to speakers (first prototype of working EKG around the XO )

Arjun Sarwal arjun at laptop.org
Wed Apr 2 01:14:40 EDT 2008


> Arjun, could you suggest an activity that gives a good clean example of
> sending sound to the speakers? Thanks.
You could use gstreamer (the same package the measure uses to grab audio data)
to create a pipeline, a command line example is below which generates
a sine of 500Hz

 gst-launch-0.10 audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=500 ! audioconvert ! alsasink

In python you could create a pipeline and implement it similar lines
to that given in audiograb.py in the Measure code.

I think it is possible to generate tones using Csound too and perhaps
other Activities are doing it, but I'm not aware of them.


Arjun Sarwal
Intern at One Laptop per Child
<arjun at laptop.org>

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