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Prakhar Agarwal prakhar.jiit at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 13:54:10 EDT 2008

Hello Samuel,
Thanks for the appreciation. Your feedback has given some serious food for
thought. I was not exactly thinking about children being able to actually
customize the typing tutor in terms of design. I thought they will be able
to modify it in terms of content. It would work this way:
Lets suppose, they come across a new word and wish to have it included in
the game then they can simply ADD it to the files through the tutor's
interface itself. Same can be achieved by the teacher concerned by adding
new exercises or tests. I'm not sure whether I can build this
Self-Customizable feature in the GSoC duration. Giving children the feature
of customizing/creating new modules within a game is indeed an excellent
idea to implement.
Some things that we can do are:
1. option for changing mouse cursors
2. modifying the letter-carriers, i.e, they can be balloons,balls,small

and many more are possible. More inputs from everyone can really prove
beneficial for me.

Also, I'm not planning to exactly follow other existing tutors. Directly
including some modules might be helpful, but I'll give it some time after
discussions with my mentors and everyone. But I'll surely take care of the
standards/desires from children's perspective. To help me in this regard,
God has gifted me with many children around my vicinity!! I'll devote some
time in organizing a fun day for them, wherein they will check out the
features of XO games/activities and other existing tutors. I can clearly
visualize all these thoughts in my mind. Children will really love it!! :-)

.....Let the ideas float......

Prakhar Agarwal
Technical Head - Library R&D Team
3rd Year
B.Tech, IT
JIIT University,Noida
"Life is the greatest teacher"
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