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Prakhar Agarwal prakhar.jiit at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 18:40:08 EDT 2008

Hello Everyone!
Please go through following links for your reference:
My proposal:  wiki.laptop.org/go/LetsType
My homepage:  prakhar.jiit.googlepages.com

Well, I have been going through some of the existing typing tutors for some
days and have understood some important aspects common to all. In my
endeavour to contribute a typing tutor to XO, I would also like to have your
I suppose many of you must have used a typing tutor. It would be very useful
for me to get an overview of your experience.
I give prime importance to "User feedback" of any application. Therefore, I
would like to initiate a small idea generation phase called *USER Phase* as
the very first stage of developing the typing tutor activity.
Post your suggestions/ideas here or at  wiki.laptop.org/go/Talk:LetsType
They can be:
1. Features you desire
2. Important flaws that you noticed in your past experiences
3. New ideas
4. Suggestions on exercises/content for typing tutor
5. Suggestions on GUI(what best suits a child's level? I feel its a game,
how about you?) and the overall look and feel
6. Any references for me?
7. Criticism is most welcome

Participate openly in this *User phase* and win lots of praise and blessings
from me!!
I hope to have a healthy brainstorming session with everyone.

Another Query:
I have got some feedback regarding the support for multi-language from the
start. I have no idea how to go about doing this and completing the
localization within GSoC schedule. Keeping the widespread use of XO Laptop
in mind, I have already mentioned in my application about localizing the
activity in other languages soon after the English version is complete. Your
suggestions in this context can help me a lot.

Prakhar Agarwal
Technical Head - Library R&D Team
3rd Year
B.Tech, IT
JIIT University,Noida
"Life is the greatest teacher"
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