[Grassroots-l] Food ForceII updates, opportunity for volunteers and localization

Food ForceII Community foodforceii at seeta.in
Wed Nov 11 02:38:33 EST 2009

Dear all,

We are very happy to learn the good feedback and response received by Food
ForceII (http://seeta.in/j/products-and-services/food-force-ii.html) from
educators, children, developers and public leaders. The feedback has
strengthen our believes on how storytelling and narratives present a very
interesting and powerful approach towards social learning.

We wish to update about the progress in Food ForceII achieved, since its
beta release (http://blog.laptop.org/2009/05/08/food-force-2-makes-waves/).
We have been successful in designing the localization infrastructure for
Food ForceII, and have localized the game play in Hindi and Spanish (please
download the latest dev version from http://seeta.in/j/downloads.html). We
are in the process of localizing the storyboard, and have been trying to
understand and realize its pedagogical impact as we pursue this endeavor.

*Opportunity for Volunteers* -

We are looking for volunteers, who could participate with us in a number of
initiatives -

1. *Developing creative storyboards for Food ForceII* - We are attaching a
storyboard which we integrated in the Food ForceII game. This storyboard is
not 100%
    complete. We would like someone with experience in graphics and design
to participate with us towards designing the characters of the storyboard.
Also, the attached
    storyboard does not have a female character. We would like to help solve
the issue of gender inequities, and wish to design a similar storyboard to
include the female
    character. Finally, we would like creative authors to write their own
storyboards, and we would be happy to include them in the list of
storyboards written for Food Force II.

2. *Social Science around the Game Characters* -  We would like to develop
science around the game characters - what should be their qualities, how
they should respond
    to crisis, their focus on community citizenship and team-building. The
idea is not to make the game characters look like Superman or Superwoman.
But, real people coming
    out as leaders from real life situations.

We wish to thank everyone for their wonderful support, guidance and


Best Regards,

Food ForceII Volunteer Community
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