[Grassroots-l] Planning for Sugar Camp Paris

Nico nico at openwrt.org
Tue May 5 15:42:02 EDT 2009

Hi Chris,

Christoph Derndorfer wrote:
> With regards to logistics I was wondering where we'll have the meetings, 
> I assume the location that OLPC France is providing is only available on 
> Saturday? Are there any hacker-spaces, apartments, whatever that we can 
> occupy while we're there?
Here at the /tmp/lab we can offer the full space for whatever meeting
you're planning to setup. Remember that /tmp/lab is in Vitry-sur-Seine,
roughtly 45 minutes from SugarCamp at La Cantine.

Please le us know if you're interested in :)

Waiting to hear from you,

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