[Grassroots-l] Experience w/ using GPS with XO laptops

Jeff Mascornick jjm4114 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 31 23:26:09 EDT 2009

Does anyone have experience with using GPS units/sofware with XOs?
I'm part of a team applying for a OLPC project to Tanzania and our team would like to use GPS hopefully for student in TZ and kids in a partner school in the US would work on collaborative projects --- hypothically, the children in Arica would send pictures of different parts of their community and the children in US would pick a place to hide a geocache (or facsimile thereof, or... anything) they would tell the teacher in TZ only and give them clues of where to find it, etc.--- this could be done vice versa of course

Does anyone know if this is possible? Feasible? -- Hopefully using Arcmap software, but I know that a several years ago IDRISI was more common (and open source if i recall correctly) in Africa esp. in goverment in some areas

I realize the question may be a little vague - the idea is in a nebulous phase but I would be extremely grateful for any input .

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Center for Community Research & Service
School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy University of Delaware
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