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Please join us (right now!) reviewing the latest OLPC/Sugar community 
projects over IRC Live Chat, just after 2PM EDT Boston Time, right here:

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* New Libraries Coming!

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

* Fast Review of the 5 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

1. Computer aided instruction in medical schools in Kenya & Illinois, USA

   Requests 2 XO's for August at least

   Project Objectives:
   The overall objective of our project is to enhance
   the use of computer-aided instruction for medical education in Africa.
   Toward this end we have established collaborations with several medical
   schools in Kenya to explore possibilities for facilitating the
   development and utilization of computer aided programs and other
   teaching modules that are tailored for their curricula. Longer term
   objectives include involvement of medical students to help develop
   content and to improve the awareness of the globalization of medical

2. flixel games framework on xo - Austin, Texas, USA

   Requests 1 XO for 1 month or much longer term if possible

   Project Objectives:
   To create a step-by-step tutorial that
   shows how to use the XO to create original Flash games that anyone 
with a PC
   can play, using my specialized, highly efficient flash game library 
   is MIT-license free).

3. Internet Math Tutoring Network For Kosodo Village - Kenya

   Requests 10 XO's for 24 months

   Project Objectives:
   This proposal describes the implementation of an Internet Math Tutoring
   Network in a developing country which will use the following technology to
   bring individualized math tutoring instruction to students.  In this way,
   math teaching specialists can supplement the local teacher(s) in sparsely
   populated areas without transporting the specialists to the areas.

   laptop computers (on loan);
      Low cost laptop computers ("XO"), connected to high-speed Internet,
      for individual students;

   a web cam for each laptop (built-in);
      Conversations with visual content will be accessible for the tutoring
      interaction by connecting a web cam to the laptop computer;

   an on-line Google spreadsheet or calendar for scheduling (no fee);
      Appointments between tutor and students will be expedited through a
      Google online spreadsheet or Google calendar.

   a video uploading facility hosted at a low fee by a video platform (
   www.blip.tv, $8/month);
      By using a video server, selected videos can be uploaded onto the
      Internet and accessed by the students and teachers at no fee;

   a presentation facility similar to Power Point but open source  (no fee).
      Instructional slideshows can be made available on-line for use by
      instructors, tutors, students, and their family members.

   a web conferencing organizer online (no fee with ads, $10/month without
      Web conferencing supports communication over the Internet real-time,
      from the instructor's desktop, to the student's laptop, including working
      together with the student(s) on a single multi-page document which can
      include embedded images, text, hand-drawn illustrations, geoometric figures,
      etc.. (See http://www.vyew.com)

4. XO-1.5 build testing, Martin Dengler, UK

   Requests 1 XO 1.5 til build ships or 6 months

   Project Objectives:
   Assist reporting and fixing XO-1.5 bugs, of which there are already at least 30
   (see http://dev.laptop.org/query?status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&group=component&order=priority&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=priority&milestone=1.5-F11

5. Wind Shear Detection for Small Airports, Northridge, California, USA

   Requests 4 XO's for 12 months

   Project Objectives:
   The objective is the development of an array of inexpensive sensors
   that, when placed around an airport, will automatically organize
   themselves into a mesh network that can detect and report wind shear.

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