[Grassroots-l] Access to A One Laptop Per Child "XO" machine in low income areas of the US.

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Hello Mrs. Battle:

If you are looking for refurbished Linux desktops, the Alameda County
Computer Resource Center (ACCRC) regulary donates them to schools in need.
I do not work for the ACCRC.  However, the company that I work for,
Untangle, has organzied "installfests" to refurbish hundreds of computers
for schools in one day.  The next event is happening in August during the
LinuxWorld tradeshow.  If you are in need of refurbished computers I would
encourage you to fill out their donation form here:


Kind regards,


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On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 4:07 AM, The Battle Family
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> To whom it may concern,
> I am a teacher working in a very poor neighbor & urban school and many 
> of the students need/or could benefit from this same program. How can 
> I get access to "A One Laptop Per Child "XO"" machine in low income 
> areas of the US?

It depends in part on circumstances. Where is your school? How many
students? How many computers currently? Are the teachers, students, and
parents interested in the XO program? Do you have funding to buy XOs, or
can you get funding?

I have heard that several US states are considering plans to purchase XO
laptops for the children in their schools. I am working with OLPC Chicago
on Illinois HB5000, The Children's Low-Cost Laptop Act, which has passed
the Illinois House and gone on to the Senate. Birmingham, Alabama is
getting 15,000 XOs for its schools.

It is otherwise very difficult to buy smaller quantities of laptops
through the GiveMany program. You would have to order at least 100 units,
pay cash in advance, and then wait up to ten months for delivery.

On the other hand, some of the software for the XO is available in
standard packages for Fedora (Red Hat), Debian, and Ubuntu Linux, so you
could run it from a Live CD or install it on any conventional PC.
I am copying this to a friend who organizes Installfests to put Linux on
used computers so that they can be donated to schools in need.

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