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Alex Keybl alex.keybl at duke.edu
Sun May 18 23:59:25 EDT 2008

Hey all,

It's great to hear about all the activity happening within the  
grassroots community in June!  I'm sure all of these events will  
facilitate greater communication among us.

For the past few months, OLPC at Duke members have been preparing for an  
online conference as a platform for grassroots groups to talk about  
their contributions to One Laptop per Child.  That's how we came up  
with the OLPC Grassroots Web Conference (GrassCon), an event we'll be  
hosting on July 19th.  Now for a shameless quote from the site:
> The OLPC Grassroots Web Conference was started to increase  
> communication between grassroots projects, as well as increase the  
> general visibility of OLPC projects around the world. This ranges  
> from software/hardware development to pilot programs and public  
> awareness campaigns. We want to hear about what's going on, from the  
> mouths of those involved.
> The theme of this conference will be "From Code to Kids". Presenters  
> will be helping us trace the path of XO Sugar activities from  
> software development to getting the activities into the hands of  
> children.
> We will be holding the conference as a live streaming event with  
> participants from around the world. Conference goers will be able to  
> ask questions of presenters, and the entire conference will be  
> recorded and archived.
If you'd like to participate or help host the event, please get in  
touch with me.  All your help will be appreciated.  Also, you can add  
us on Twitter if you'd like to stay updated - our username is  

-Alex Keybl
GrassCon Coordinator
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