[Grassroots-l] Grassroots week schedule updated

Samuel Klein meta.sj at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 11:33:03 EDT 2008

Dear all,

The schedule for the week's grassroots working sessions has been updated
here, with an indication of the large-scale issues we're tackling each day.

Please leave any suggested projects or agenda items on the discussion page:

Live transcription is taking place in our IRC backchannel : #olpc-groups on
We will have an open conference line over lunchfrom roughly 12:00-13:00 -
EST MTW for people who want to call in:

866-213-2185  / 1-609-454-9914
Access code: 1671650#

Finally, for those of you who are dropping in for one or two days, write
back oflist if you will be here for lunch that day.

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