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Kent Loobey kent at uoregon.edu
Sun Jan 6 17:09:45 EST 2008

Hi Clarke,

I am in the process of developing an activity (a program) to help pre-literate 
kids learn about quantities (numbers).  I would VERY much appreciate a chance 
to bounce what I am trying to do off of a teacher.

The opportunity I am working on right now has to do with the first stages of 
mastering the dexterity of writing numbers and the conceptual meaning of 

If you can help I would appreciate it.  If not could you see if you could find 
someone that could.



P.S.  It would be nice if a resource of elementary school teachers could form 
for people like me to get feedback about activities we are working on.

On Friday 28 December 2007 20:30:08 Clarke Cary wrote:
> Hello-
> My name is Cary Clarke and I am a middle school ELL teacher, musician
> and non-profit director (PDX Pop Now!) in Portland, OR.  Like many
> others, I am in awe of the possibilities that your work presents for
> closing the education and technology gap in the developing world.
> Please let me know if there is some way in which I can help.
> Thank you for your work,
> Clarke Cary
> cary_clarke at hotmail.com
> www.atduskmusic.com
> www.pdxpopnow.com
> (503) 232-4847

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