[Grassroots-l] G1G1 updates, Lennon video and other vids

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Sat Dec 27 14:42:51 EST 2008


The Lennon video that's been murmured about for weeks has been
released.  I'm curious to see reactions from the list.  If anyone
makes a screensaver version of the opening sequence, which I love,
I'll send you my first attempt at a memory-doubled XO.  I'm hoping to
get more details about how it was made to post as well...  It's had
50,000 views (wow, make that 65k since I wrote this draft at lunch) in
the past day.  Details and a couple other awesome video links are up
on the blog.

Quick G1G1 updates :
1. The first batch of international G1G1 machines should all have
arrived this week, in time for Christmas.
Some people in Europe weren't sure about when the program is ending;
while we didn't announce a specific date, it is likely to stop after
December 31st.
While there was been discussion about continuing G1G1 for a short
while longer in the US, that may end at the same time.

2. There is a form you can fill out if you'd like OLPC to mail a
thank-you card to someone when you donate  on their behalf, and a
downloadable PDF of the card you can send directly:

I hope we can use a lot of these for the ongoing give-a-school program
(whatever it is called!).  If you make translations (of the form or
card), post details to localization@ and web-team at laptop .

Holiday spirits,

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