[Grassroots-l] Controversies

Edward Cherlin echerlin at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 21:40:27 EDT 2008

I have made a new Wiki page, http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Controversies,
with sections for the major arguments that we have been having over
OLPC strategy and tactics. I have also included links to blog posts,
mailing list threads, and interviews with Nicholas Negroponte.
Additional topics and resources welcome.

The purpose is not to promote my own view of things exclusively, but
to let everybody involved see who said what when, and to state their
own positions on the issues. I request that if you object to something
stated on the page, that you say so on the talk page, and include a
_brief_ statement of the issue from your point of view on the main
page, together with a link to the original documents, or a note saying
that it was a personal conversation, and how and where it took place.

Interpretation is welcome. "When you say this, it sounds like you also
mean that," is fine. But no edit wars, please. There is room for
multiple points of view. I won't edit what you think if you don't try
to tell me what I think. %-[

"When I want to hear _your_ opinion, I'll TELL it to you."--any tyrant

Next question: Would anybody like us to take these arguments somewhere
else? Maybe create a new Policy mailing list?

Edward Cherlin
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"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."--Alan Kay

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