[OLPC-Games] Logo

Julius B. Lucks julius at younglucks.com
Wed Nov 28 09:13:18 EST 2007

Hi Bert,
> Hi Games,
> It looks like someone has made a javascript implementation of logo:
> http://www.amberfrog.com/logo/
> More information here:
> http://www.amberfrog.com/logo/doc/what/
> Maybe we could contact the author and ask for an XO port?

>> Did you try on the XO? It might simply work. Dan's Lively Kernel did,
>> and it uses the same Javascript+SVG technique:

Yes it works like a charm!  Do you know Dan?  Maybe we should just  
ask him permission to package it up, or include it as part of the  
library?  What would this mean re licensing?



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