[OLPC-Games] [Toronto-dev] Anyone interested in a Game Jam?

Andrew Clunis andrew at orospakr.ca
Sun Nov 4 22:35:05 EST 2007

On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 14:33 -0400, Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
> Myles Braithwaite wrote:
> > I am definitely in.
> >   
> Alright, as of now it's just Myles and I, with Soni maybe showing up if 
> she's got time that weekend.  Anyone else interested?  We're still 
> thinking of the weekend of the 16th of November.  (Same time as the CMU 
> Game Jam IIUC).  With such a small number of people we might be able to 
> hold it at Linux Caffe.  I'm going to be in Taiwan come Wednesday, so if 
> we're going to have more people I'll need to know about it soon so I can 
> find a bigger venue (and/or book a table or two at Linux Caffe).

I might be interested in coming too!  I'm the guy who was working on
Develop activity earlier this year, but being in Ottawa has left me a
bit cut off from all the other OLPC people.

I *might* need a place to spend the night, though!

> No way we'd finish all of that in a weekend, though... still, it would 
> be interesting to see how far we got.  I'm sure a smaller game would be 
> far more practical.  Or we could just cut it down a lot and consider 
> basic playability the goal, with the various extra rules as secondary.

Yeah, I suggest the iterative approach is probably best.  If your game
is always at least running to some degree, more people will be
encouraged to jump in and contribute. :)

Andrew Clunis

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