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Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Mon Jul 9 13:48:35 EDT 2007

As for updates, I'm thinking there should be a status template for 
activities that get updated when there's a testable change to the code.


On Mon, 9 Jul 2007, Julius B. Lucks wrote:

> Hey John,
> I'm finally moved in enough to get back to Kuku.  I was wondering if you new 
> what the status was?  Is the testing plan finalized? Are there other things 
> we should be doing besides closing out the trac tickets?
> Also, how should we work things - when I close tickets and fix bugs, etc. - 
> how best to let you or the other testers know so that the fixes can be 
> re-tested?
> Thanks,
> Julius
> PS - I am moving our discussion to the olpcgames list so that others can 
> benefit from our organization.
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> On Jun 29, 2007, at 3:05 PM, Fuhrer, John wrote:
>> Heyo,
>> I submitted two trac reports (one as an enhancement, and one bug report 
>> concerning the high scores with a log file attached).
>> As for the part about "Justification" in test plans - Justification is 
>> basically whatever reference you used to verify that the expected behavior 
>> in your test plan is the intended behavior. For most of Kuku, I used 
>> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Kuku/Versions because it detailed really nicely 
>> exactly how the game was supposed to be played and what was suppposed to 
>> happen when.
>> Thanks,
>> - John
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>> From: Julius B. Lucks [mailto:julius at younglucks.com]
>> Sent: Fri 6/29/2007 8:55 AM
>> To: Fuhrer, John
>> Cc: Greg Lakatos; Julius Lucks; Adrian DelMaestro; Sera L. Young
>> Subject: Re: High Score In Kuku
>> Hey John,
>> You are on the ball!
>>> I just installed the latest version of Kuku on a B3 and ran it. The
>>> high score function works fine except for the last part - the game
>>> doesn't seem to remember what the high score is once you restart
>>> it. Bear in mind that I'm restarting by closing the current
>>> instance of Kuku and opening another, rather than resuming the
>>> activity from the journal (because resuming from the journal
>>> doesn't seem to be working just yet.) Aside from that, though, it
>>> works fine. The high score only increases your current score
>>> matches it, which is great, and it is preserved through wins and
>>> losses (just not through resets).
>> This is funny as saving the score in between shut downs works for me
>> on my machine.  I bet it has something to do with the pickle module,
>> or the writeability of the game to the directory.  Did you install it
>> as root?  Maybe that prevents writing the state object to a file to
>> be saved in the directory that is currently specified.  Actually, I
>> am not sure what the best thing to do is, because I would like to
>> look at the log report.  Can you fire up the activity, play a bit,
>> then close - then make a trac ticket and attach the full log?  That
>> would be great actually.
>>> The problem with the player not being able to lose lives from
>>> answering incorrectly after he receives the win screen still
>>> persists, though it seems to be correctable now by answering a
>>> question correctly.
>> I haven't fixed that bug yet, so no surprise for me.
>>> On the first game, it always starts with 10 questions where they
>>> must match a number to a picture with a number of fruits, always
>>> increasing in order. Then, once the win screen has appeared once,
>>> those sorts of questions never appear again, and it moves on to
>>> math problems exclusively. These math problems also always appear
>>> in the same order (3+1, 4+7, 5+9, 3+3 to start). Basically, the
>>> problem sets aren't randomized.
>> This is by design actually.  I'm not sure what the best thing is to
>> do here.  Keeping them in the same order obviously gets boring for
>> advanced users, but might be good for kids just learning so they can
>> try the same questions over and over again.  Right now questions are
>> designed to range from numbers, to addition, subtraction, addition +
>> subtraction, multiplication, division, multiplication + division,
>> factor questions (multiples of 5, etc.), then a mix of all of these.
>> I think the framework is general enough now that we can start to ask
>> the rest of the community what they think about this.  So I'll make a
>> wiki page that we can all follow and contribute to to 'design' the
>> content that will ship.
>>> This is more the fault of the XO's keyboard than anything else, but
>>> the sticky keys, coupled with occasional lag between questions/
>>> screens, can make it seem as though the user hasn't selected the
>>> answer even after pressing the key, when he actually has...so he'll
>>> press it again, and end up pecking twice (once for the correct
>>> answer he selected, and once again on the new screen that appeared
>>> AFTER he pressed the key, causing him to peck the incorrect answer
>>> on the new screen without his even realizing it). I'm not sure what
>>> can be done about this - I'm no programmer - but it did cause me to
>>> accidentally pick the wrong answer quite a few times (after victory
>>> screens in particular). Maybe make a "Go!" message on each screen
>>> and cause no key presses to do anything until the Go message has
>>> displayed?
>> Good point and suggestion.  Can you file a trac ticket
>> 'enhancement'?  Basically we have not focused on speed at all and the
>> game needs to be completely re-written.  Maybe something like a Go
>> screen could fix the version for Trial 2 though.
>>> I've posted a link to the current test plan on the Kuku wiki page.
>>> If you prefer I could post these all in trac, but as long as it's
>>> not a hassle for you, it's probably more convenient to just send
>>> them directly.
>> I skimmed the test plan and will go over it in more detail.  I also
>> moved it to
>> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Kuku/Activity_Test_Plan
>> I think the wiki is the best place now so we can both edit it.  I've
>> never written a test plan before, but what is the 'justification' all
>> about?  Please 'watch' this wiki page so if I make changes you'll get
>> the latest.
>> Thanks a ton John,
>> Julius
>>> Thanks!
>>> - John
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>>> From: Julius B. Lucks [mailto:julius at younglucks.com]
>>> Sent: Thu 6/28/2007 3:44 PM
>>> To: Fuhrer, John
>>> Cc: Greg Lakatos; Julius Lucks; Adrian DelMaestro; Sera L. Young
>>> Subject: High Score In Kuku
>>> Hi John,
>>> I just added the last major feature of Kuku planned for Trial 2 which
>>> is a high score counter.  This adds a couple more tests to make sure
>>> this is working properly:
>>> * high score does not change when score < high score
>>> * high score increases along with score when score = high score
>>> * high score remains the same when the game is won or lost, and
>>> subsequently restarted (within the same playing session)
>>> * high score remains the same between separate playing sessions (kuku
>>> is started then stopped)
>>> I will post the latest .xo file as soon as I get an internet
>>> connection (probably when this mail will send).
>>> Any other changes will be cosmetic, unless someone tells us we have
>>> to add something for Trial 2.  Outside of trying to clean up the
>>> code, the only thing we will be playing around with is choosing a
>>> good list of questions for the game.
>>> Any tips or suggestions we should keep in mind over the next few
>>> weeks as we prepare for code freeze?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Julius
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