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francois schnell francois.schnell at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 08:53:02 EST 2007

On 2/26/07, Geoffroy Carrier <geoffroy.carrier at sitlib.org> wrote:
> Yes, that's a good point. I think those games are very XO-friendly, as
> they
> are very similar to ebooks: static, so the CPU can be stopped, and with
> simple interaction, so it can be played with the screen covering the
> keyboard+trackpad. Storing a lot of pictures is the biggest problem, as
> performance won't be one in my very humble opinion.

In fact a  typical Visual Novel don't have "lots" of pictures:

In the typical visual novel, the graphics comprise a set of generic
backgrounds (normally just one for each location in the game), with
character sprites superimposed on these; the perspective is usually
first-person, with the protagonist remaining unseen.
Concerning the "character sprites" they are typically few  characters mood
(happy,confuse ...) which are reused all along the Visual Novel.

Those kind of games are already possible with Scratch, even if it's not
> the best tool for this.

Do you know if Scratch will make it  ?  I've heard few weeks ago (not sure
where)  that it was too heavy for the XO. Again it would be a shame since
Scratch is an great tool.

> >    - use/create some sound/music
> Won't be a problem with TamTam and an image editor (my team's working on
> it).

I've seen some Tam Tam demo on YouTube : it really looks and sounds great !


>    - share it with other kids through the mesh network ? (a kind of
> >    minimal "You Tube" of Visual Novels ?)
> Let me suppose sharing a document won't be a problem ;)

I imagine also, I was more thinking of a  minimal social networking kind of
thing : being able to rate the stories, comment, maybe tag, maybe make
derivative stories from the sources, etc.

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