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Ted Kaehler Ted at VPRI.org
Fri Mar 20 13:26:46 EDT 2009

	You are right!  'Newest' is correct.

	The .sexp format is a factor of two smaller.  We had a space 
budget for the guides.  Loading may be faster also.


At 9:34 PM +0530 3/20/09, K. K. Subramaniam wrote:
>On Friday 20 Mar 2009 8:40:19 pm Ted Kaehler wrote:
>>  1) Make a folder called "To-Be-Converted" at the top level of your
>>  file system.  Put the .pr files of all new guides into this folder.
>>  1.5) Make a folder called "Newer" in the folder that has the Etoys
>>  image file.  This must be a fresh new folder.
>Is that "Newer" or "Newest"? QuickGuideGenerator>>initialize shows
>	super initialize.
>	input _ ''.
>	output _ (FileDirectory on: Smalltalk imagePath) fullPathFor: 'Newest'.
>	self setup.

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