[Etoys] Keeping user edited text when using "show code textually"

Robert Hawley rhawley at plymouth.ac.uk
Thu Mar 19 08:33:36 EDT 2009

Hi Bert

Thanks - I've now added http://dev.laptop.org/query to my list of  
useful urls.



On 19.03.2009, at 02:43, Robert Hawley wrote:

> I note that Etoys does not behave the same as Squeak's etoys in that,
> when selecting the "show code textually" option and editing the code,
> any user defined variable names are replaced by system generated names
> (t1 t2 t3 etc.).
> I see no gain in this behaviour - and it makes it harder to show
> people the relationship between tiles and real smalltalk code.  If
> etoys is to lead to higher level teaching, this kind of restriction is
> not going to help!  Can we revert to maintaining the text in the form
> typed by the user?

You are completely right. This was not an intentional change, but got
broken along the way. It's a known bug:


So this is on the to-do list, but is not solved yet.

- Bert -

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