[Etoys] [ANNOUNCE] FreeCell activity

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Mar 10 12:56:10 EDT 2009

This weekend saw the annual meeting of the German Squeak association.  
One of the sessions on Sunday's "unconference" day was how to make  
Sugar activities using Squeak. Here is the example I made, a bit  
refined (the hardest part was actually to make a not-too-embarrassing  
icon in Inkscape):


If it works for anybody else, please report back so I can request that  
it be moved from the "sandbox" to the "public" area. Before that it  
won't show up in the "games" section.

Just like the Etoys activity this depends on the etoys package being  
installed. So it should work on SoaS-1 already, and on SoaS-2 as soon  
as Sebastian figured out why etoys was not getting pulled in. It also  
should work fine on older versions, like OLPC's 8.2 release.

The activity's purpose is foremost to demonstrate how to write a  
Squeak-based activity (on Sugar 0.84 use view-source to see the  
Smalltalk code), but it also is a fun game in its own right.

- Bert -

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